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Consultancy in Fruit and Flower Quality

R3F BV from the Netherlands is for many years active in the Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Industry. Consultancy for the whole supply chain focussed on product quality, and offering pre and post harvest solutions, are our specialties.

R3F BV has a very good network in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the former C.I.S. Countries.

Solutions for the whole produce chain

Pre Harvest

R3F BV is proudly representing MAXSTIM from the U.K. in Spain and for the flower industry.

MAXSTIM is a producer of top range of bio stimulants, to be used in farming, horticulture, floriculture and sports. MAXSTIM bio stimulants create better quality plants, higher yields, better quality products and more important, better income for the users.

Post Harvest

R3F BV is for many years active for LIQUIDSEAL FRUITS and LIQUIDSEAL FLOWERS, and is the representative in Spain.

Liquidseal post harvest treatment extends the lifespan of perishable agricultural products in a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. The characteristics of Liquidseal layer, controls the metabolism and evaporation of the product and therefore results in longer shelf life . Liquidseal delivers a slow release mechanism which may allow for reduced use of pesticides. A combination of both properties may produce superior shelf life results, both economically and ecologically.

R3F consultancy


R3F Consultancy

R3F BV is your partner when it comes to consultancy in the whole supply chain of the flower, fruit and vegetable industry. Feel free to contact is with any request, and we will be glad to be in touch with you, to see how we can help you.

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