bio stimulants

for flowers, fruits and vegetables


Maxstim offers a range of plant biostimulants for sport surfaces, agriculture and horticulture to customers all over the world. The products are manufactured in UK and the R&D team includes academic and professional scientists and agronomists with world wide renown.

All Maxstim products are designed to support and stimulate plant health, increasing resistance to biotic and abiotic attack, thus increasing yield, improving appearance and enhancing the overall plant.

Maxstim products contain only naturally occurring ingredients that pose no threats to human health and leave no residual build up in the soil or plant.

The benefits of MAXSTIM

Benefits of Maxstim bio stimulants.

MAXSTIM bio stimulants helps producers to get better and stronger and productive plants. MAXSTIM is 100% organic, and is for example certified to be used in organic production in Spain (CAAE).

The benefits of Maxstim are:

• Faster and more root development
• More chlorophyll production
• Stronger growth
• Higher production per m2 (kg) (we see in many cases 10-20% increase)
• Bigger fruits
• Higher Brix
• Stronger plants: better disease resistance (Fusarium, Alternaria, etc)


Different types of MAXSTIM

Maxstim is available for

  1. Farmers (field crops, top fruit, greenhouse crops and berries),
  2. Ornamental growers (flowers and ornamental plants)
  3. Sports (golf courses, sports turf, etc).

Maxstim has proven in to be very effective in for example the following crops:

• Melons
• Cucumber
• Tomato
• Paprika
• Potato
• Lettuce
• Blueberry
• Strawberry
• Raspberry


Examples of Maxstim effects

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